My New Website

November 16, 2013

Why did I redo my website? What makes it any better? Why are there old posts that are missing?

I just wanted to write a quick post about my new site. Some of you who are not familiar with my site might not notice the difference, but trust me… it is different and for the better.

So what has changed? For starters, I think the new design is a little simpler than the previous, but more importantly it is not longer in Wordpress. It is now maintained with Wintersmith, which is a static site generator which is built in node.js and usesJade templates and markdown.

Why is this better? Well for started I think writing in markdown is a lot easier than using Wordpress. It means I can use whatever text editor I want (emacs in this case) to write my articles. As well, I no longer need to have PHP and MySQL setup in order to just serve up silly static content like blog posts and a few images. This also means I can keep my blog entirely in GitHub.

So far I am fairly happy with the move to Wintersmith, except having to move all my current blog posts over to markdown, but I will slowly keep porting some over until I have them all in markdown. So, please bear with me during the time of transition as there may be a few posts missing when I initially publish this new site.

Check out my blog in GitHub,

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