What I'm up to these days

June 19, 2015

It has been awhile since I have written anything in my blog. Might as well get started somewhere, like a brief summary of what I have been working on lately.

It has been far too long since I last wrote in this blog. I always have these aspirations of writing all the time about all the things I am working on. The problem generally comes back to me not feeling confident enough to write about anything I am working on. “Oh, a post like that probably already exists”, “There are smarter people than me out there writing about this, why bother”. It is an unfortunate feeling to try and get over.

So, here is where I am making an attempt. I will try to write more, it’ll be healthy for me. I always hear of people setting reminders in their calendars to block off time to write blog posts, even if they end up only writing a few sentences, which seems like a great idea that I indent to try.

Ok, enough with the “I haven’t been feeling confident dribble”, on to what I actually have been up to lately.

Since my last post I have a new job. I am now Senior Software Engineer at underdog.io. We are a small early stage startup (4 employees, just over a year old) that is in the hiring space. For candidates our site basically acts like a common application to now over 150 venture backed startups in New York City or San Francisco. In the short time I have been working there, I am very impressed and glad that I took their offer. I work with some awesome and smart people and I am still learning a lot, whether it is about coding or just trying to run a business.

I originally started to end this post by talking about a programming project I have been working on, but it ended up being 4 times longer than the text above and have decided instead to write a separate post about it. Apparently even though I have been writing lately, I have a lot to say.

Thanks for bearing with this “I have to write something” post. I am not going to make a promise that I am going to write more, because it is something that could easily fall through, like it usually does… but I shall give it my all!

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