Continuous NodeJS Module

April 28, 2012

A look into my new NodeJS module called Continuous.

Greetings everyone. I wanted to take a moment to mention the new NodeJS module that I just published called Continuous.

Continuous is a fairly simply plugin that is aimed to aid in running blocks of code consistently; it is an event based interface for setTimeout and setInterval. With Continuous you can choose to run code at a set or random interval and can also hook into events.


npm install continuous

Continuous Usage

var continuous = require('continuous');

var run = new continuous({
    minTime: 1000,
    maxTime: 3000,
    random: true,
    callback: function(){
        return Math.round( new Date().getTime()/1000.0 );
    limit: 5

run.on(‘complete’, function(count, result){
    console.log(‘I have run ‘ + count + ‘ times’);

run.on(‘started’, function(){
    console.log(‘I Started’);

run.on(‘stopped’, function(){
    console.log(‘I am Done’);


setTimeout( function(){
}, 5000 );

For more information check out Continuous on GitHub.

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